Eastar Music Mid-Year Sale Is Coming - Here's How You Can Earn from It

Eastar Music Mid-Year Sale Is Coming - Here's How You Can Earn from It

Eastar Music is bringing its low-price strategy to an all-time peak - or all-time low to be accurate - by announcing this year's biggest sale spree, the Eastar Mid-Year Sale 2022.

Eastar Mid-Year Sale 2022

 June 24th to June 26th: Limited-Time 25% Off

During the warm-up session, Eastar offers a 25% discount on eight popular products, including the Eastar EDS-580S 20 inch Drum Set Kit which is already $120 below its normal price.


Eastar Mid-Year Sale Best Deals 2022

Eastar 25-Notes Glockenspiel for Kids

-Buy One Get One Free



Eastar EVA-2 4/4 Full Size Violin Set

-Save 40% Off  |  $110.09   $66.05


Eastar EP-120 Full-Weighted 88-Keys Piano

-Save 25% Off | $290.24



Eastar AS-Ⅱ E-Flat Lacquer Alto Saxophone

-Save 15% Off | $254.99



June 27th to July 10th: Buy More Pay Less

Starting next Monday, all Eastar Music products are open for the outrageous buy-more-pay-less campaign. There are four coupon codes to use for orders of different amounts to save a fortune:

$50-10 (20% OFF): MY10

$100-15 (15% OFF): MY15

$300-45 (15% OFF): MY45

$500-85 (17% OFF): MY85


Eastar Member Privileges

For those who are still not an Eastar member, it's easy to join:

  1. Go to the Member Rewards page: https://eastar-music.com/pages/eastar-member-rewards
  2. Click "Sign Up".


Eastar Points can be used to exchange coupons. You can get Eastar Points by subscribing to our newsletter, participating in special events, and most commonly, by buying things from the Eastar shop.


Usually, each dollar you spend can earn you one Eastar Point. During the Eastar Music Mid-Year Sale (during June 23rd - July 10th), we double that for you. In other words,

$1 = 2 Eastar Points.


Giveaway Event

Remember the New Year Resolution campaign? Let's call back the memory and talk about how the first half of 2022 is going on for you. By sharing your stories, you will have the chance to win free stuff!

More information please check (June 27 - July 10)  This page: Mid-Year Sale


The bell is ringing, and mark the day for your deal on Eastar's Mid-Year Sale!



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