🎃✨Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Contest✨

Due to the global pandemic, we have created this online creative Halloween campaign to

Have a special "Trick or Treat!"

Eastar Halloween Special - The Singing Pumpkin, you'll love this scavenger hunt!



  1. There will be several hidden pumpkin icons on Eastar-music website, they are scattered all over the website, such as home page, product page, bottom copy, etc. Please find them and take screenshots to save them.
  2. Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt Contest: 2021-10-11 to 2021-10-31.
  3. The scavenger hunt is open to the US/Canada region.
  4. Participants can only redeem one coupon per person. Please send us the corresponding screenshots after finding the pumpkins, and we will arrange coupon distribution upon receipt of the screenshots. Sent the email to marketing@eastar-music.com.
  5. The final interpretation of the event is in the hands of Eastar-music.com.
  6. Pumpkin style:
    Pumpkin-style-1 Pumpkin-style-2  Pumpkin-style-3



  1. 1 pumpkin = $1. The more pumpkin icons in the screenshots, the bigger the amount of discount you can redeem!  (Tip: There are 30 pumpkin icons in total) 
  1. The vouchers can only be used on the website and cannot be converted to cash, no refunds or change.
  2. Please register your account with Eastar and let us know when you redeem your prize. (Start registering your membership now)


🙊🔥Additional surprises.

  1. We will also be announcing the location of the pumpkins on social media from time to time during the event @Eastar-music.
  2. If you retweet our campaign to your social media accounts and use #EastarHalloween or #Eastar-music , please take a screenshot and let us know when you redeem your prize and you will receive an additional $2 coupon.

If you have any other questions, please email us at: marketing@eastar-music.com.

 Eastar Halloween

Contact us, or leave a comment below. We will provide assistance as soon as possible.

The pumpkins are hidden, are you ready?

Good luck! 😊


Robert Z Ziejewski



I want to buy a keyboard to play at my Thanksgiving party!


pretty good!

Amy Lamb

I discovered this game🎃 and started a competition with my daughter.
I admit that I am not as good as my daughter, she could find the pumpkins by just opening the page. This is really awesome! I have submitted the screenshots and wait for the coupon to be returned. Thanks!


I really enjoy exploring and have found 10 pumpkins!


get $30, thanks
Tip: I found them on the product page


Trick or treat🤣🤣

Daniel Drouin

Interesting Halloween activities. I found some musical instruments that I could try to learn while looking for pumpkins. I will take the coupon and placed the order soon.


I played this game with my son. He found 20 pumpkins and I just found 15. So funny! I will take $20 coupon and buy a gift for him!


So funny!Find 15 pumpkins and win $15 coupon. I will place an order in the next few days to buy gifts.


Wow!! Amazing, I find 2 pumpkins on the home page!!

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