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Moukey MDP-450 88-Keys Upright Digital Piano for Beginners Semi-Weighted with Retractable Cover/Piano Stool/Triple Pedals/Power Adapter

MoukeySKU: MK2030
Country: USA
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88-key Semi Weighted Digital Piano

  • Digital piano may offer you unlimited tones and sounds to play and experiment with, while it is a good idea to sit back and think about how many you will actually use. All of the notes should sound full and rich, without any of the tinny noise that often accompanies inferior pianos.
  • Our MDP-450 electronic 88 keys piano has a huge music library, from which you can choose different timbres and tracks to play and enjoy a variety of music experiences. The electric keyboard has two high wattage stereo surround tone, which has been debugged and optimized many times to eliminate tone leakage and loss, so as to make the tone more fidelity.
  • Our MDP-450 digital piano's demo teaching mode and double piano keyboard mode are very suitable for teaching activities. Everyone can easily upgrade from a piano beginner to an advanced scholar.
  • Input and play MP3, built-in amplifier, support external tone or headphone to meet the needs of different occasions. P.S Our digital piano comes with a matching piano stool.
  • Moukey MDP-450 Digital Piano 88-Key Full Size Keyboard, which truly restores the real feel of the original piano, cultivates your interest in the piano, helps you train a good performance posture and makes progress in the fastest time.
  • Moukey MDP-450 pure tone 88 key piano, using AWM sampling, more realistically restored the sound of the original grand piano, can effectively train the ability to distinguish sound. Whether you are on stage or room, you can play your favorite music through headphones and amplifier, immersed in the world of music.
  • Experience Silent Practice

    Keyboard piano 88 keys has a silent practice function, in the dead of night or need quiet indoor, dormitory and other locations, you can plug in headphones (6.5mm jack, need to buy their own) to practice, alone immersed in the beautiful music.

    Three Pedals Three Function

  • Soft-- Make the tones soft.
  • Sostenuto-- Decrease the damper effect by pressing the pedal halfway.
  • Sustain-- Continue the previous tones.
  • Ensure the quality of your practice, and aim to create new experiences in music and performance.
  • Perfect Piano Size for You

    MDP-450 size is 32.2in*15.7in*53.7in, can be prevented in the living room, bedroom and other spaces. The weight is 88.1lb, and it is best for two people to operate together when installing.

    First Choice for Beginners

    The 88 key piano's package contains a single piano bench. Simple appearance and sliding cover design can match home space. Suitable for beginners' strength keyboard, it is the first choice for every beginner piano player.

    Smart Chip Technology

    MDP-450 digital piano upgraded sound technology, using intelligent sound source chip, intelligent sensing of playing strength. Adjustable DSP parameters to adjust the reverb according to different playing spaces.

    Acoustic Piano Samples

    The semi weighted digital piano is sampled from an acoustic grand piano sample, fully restoring the subtlety and realism of an acoustic piano, playing like you're in a concert hall. 128 polyphony numbers allow for greater precision in interpreting every emotion. Moukey electronic piano, born with realistic sound and stunning piano playing experience, brings you a wonderful music experience.

    Moukey aim to create new experiences in music and performance

    Relying on its strong and efficient research & development team, Moukey is resolved to continue to create innovative and excellent instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators.

    Just make your own music with Moukey digital piano!


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