Advantages of working with us

-No start-up capital required.

-Easy to set up and run, Eastar ships on your behalf and we handle all shipping issues such as damage, loss and returns.

-No hidden fees.

-Set your own prices for your customers.

-No management and no warehouse fees.

-Fast delivery/shipping.

-Effective customer service.


-Please kindly understand, third party retail of Donner/Moukey/Eastar products on Amazon/Ebay/Walmart is prohibited as we have official stores there already. Failure to comply will result in immediate closure of your account.

-Please note that we will set a membership level for customers who join Eastar Dropship program. However, this level does not conflict with the site's membership level and both can be used together. This means that the amount of orders placed under the same reward account will be credited and will be subject to the Eastar Reward Program.

How does it work?
We have set up exclusive member benefits for Dropship guests, please see details:

1. Firstly, contact us with the reason "need dropship" to get our drop ship level title, to get our attention and the discount code. Email:

Ps: At first, we will set it as "Silver VIP", after you have accumulated enough orders, you could contact us to upgrade your Drop membership to get a higher discount amount.

2. Once you have received the discount code, you can use it to place your order. Please use your customer's shipping information when filling out the shipping information.

3. Detailed membership level classification:

Level Title Cumulative Order Amount Coupons To Be Earned Coupon Code
Silver VIP 100-1000 USD 12% SilverVIP12
Gold VIP 1001-2000 USD 15% GoldVIP15
Diamond VIP >2000 USD 20% DiamondVIP20

Drop shipping orders will be subject to the various policy requirements of, but in extreme cases, will reserve the right of final interpretation.

Contact Us


1. Who is responsible for customer service?


We do not contact your customers, you should give your customers the opportunity to contact you directly. For questions that you cannot answer, you can contact us and pass on our answers to your customer.

2. Does Dropship charge a fee?


Don't worry, our dropship program is completely free, you only need to pay for the items ordered.

3. How long is the order processing time?


Orders are usually processed within 1-3 days (business days) of receiving your order. If some stock is out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible so you can ask your customer.

4. Can I still change my shipping address after I place an order?


We hope as much as possible not, because the warehouse daily processing orders are very large, if you must modify the address, please contact us in a timely manner, modify the shipping address can only be effective in the unshipped state.

5. How do I pay for my order?


Through Paypal, VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, just like regular retail orders.