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Eastar Alto Saxophone For Beginners

Type: AS-Ⅲ

🎷 Beautiful Sound with alto saxophone scales -- professional tone adjustment before leaving factory , excellent sound quality without noise, pleasant surprise. No pressure from low to high gamut range transition.
🎷 Top Material -- instruments dedicated copper, lead-free welding green craft, feel free to use. Advanced imported leather pads, high air tightness, Imported blue copper needle spring, moderate elasticity, not aging, high feedback when finger pressing.
🎷 Amazing look -- Eastar AS -Ⅱ: Transparent lacquered gold, multi-layer painted ,durable and barely to fade color. Faux mother of pearl inlaid keys are simple and generous. The handcrafted carvings of the bell mouth makes AS -Ⅱ perfect even more perfect
🎷 Practical Design -- Full bounding key stick gasket for longer life and better pressing feel. Keystroke link: all being applied oil for debugging before leaving the factory , preventing the link from rusting and getting stuck.Setting the F# key to suit the performance.The U-tube of the bass is adopted: Eastar has accumulated crafts experiences for many years to improve the stability of the bass and achieve a stable feeling of playing and resistance.
🎷 Package Contents -- Eastar AS -Ⅱ saxophone, Carrying Case ,Mouthpiece Set, Real Leather Strap (110lb limit), Cork Grease,Shoulder Strap x 2,White Gloves, Resin Practice Reed x 1, Advanced Bulrush Reeds (Strength 2.5 ), Soft Swab, Soft Cloth, Cleaning Brush,Hard Saxophone Stand.
🎷 12-Month Product Warranty.

Bronze, AS-Ⅱ-Ab Alto Saxophone E Flat

Type: AS-Ⅱ-Ab

Packaging included:

1 x Eastar AS-II. saxophone

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Set of mouthpieces

1 x cork fat1 x leather strap (limit of 36 kg)

2 x shoulder strap

1 x white gloves

1 x resin reed

2 x reed reed (strength 2.5)

1 x swab

1 x Soft cloth

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x saxophone stand

Item weight: 4.1 kg

Bookplate: 69 (W) x 21.5 (W) x 37 (H) CM

AS-Ⅲ Professional Alto Saxophone E Flat Gold

Type: AS-Ⅲ

Package included:

1 x Eastar AS- Ⅲ Saxophone

1 x Carrying Case 

2 x Shoulder Strap

1 x Mouthpiece Set

1 x Real Leather Strap(80lb limit)

1 x Cork Grease

1 x White Gloves

1 x Eastar ERD-AS Reeds-5pics (Strength 3 )

1 x Soft Swab

1 x Soft Cloth

1 x Saxophone Stand


Type: EVA-2

Package included:
1 x Violin
1 x Lightweight Hard Case
1 x Brazil Wood Bow
1 x Rosin
1 x Shoulder Rest
2 x Violin Bridge
1 x Extra Set of Strings

Manual Download

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Package included:

1 x EVA-3 1/4

1 x Lightweight Hard Case

1 x Brazil Wood Bow

1 x Rosin

1 x Shoulder Rest

2 x Violin Bridge

1 x Extra Set of Strings

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EP-120 EB1500

Type: EP-120

Package Included:

1 X Digital Piano

1 X Sheet Music Stand

1 X Sustain Pedal

1 X Adapter

1 X Instruction

Manual Download

MEK-54A MK2050
Moukey MEK 54A 54-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

Type: MEK 54A

Package Included:

-54 Keys

-50 Demo Songs & 350 Rhythms & 350 Timbres

-DC 9V Power Input

-Microphone Input

-Headphone Output

-Intelligent Teaching System

-Single-Finger Chord & Multi-Finger Chord

EK-620 EB1515
Eastar EK-620 61-Key Electric Piano

Type: EK-620

Package Included:

-EK-620 electronic keyboard*1

-Piano stoolX1

-Piano standX1




MEP-120 MK2020
Moukey MEP-120 88 Key Portable Digital Piano

Type: MEP-120

Package Included:

-Digital piano

-Power adapter

-Sustain pedal

-Music stand


-Piano bag

Manual Download

MEK-200 MK2003
Moukey MEK-200 61 Key Keyboard Piano

Type: MEK-200

Package Included:

-Electric keyboard*1

-Power adapter*1

-Music stand*1

-keyboard sticker*1

MDP-110 MK2017
Moukey MDP-110 Semi-Weighted 88-Key Digital Keyboard

Type: MDP-110

Package Included:

-Digital piano*1

-Power adapter*1

-Sustain pedal*1

-Music stand*1


Manual Download

Eastar 16" Complete 5-Piece Drum Set

Type: EDS-350

Color: Blue / Red / Black / Silver / Green

Package Included:

-16in x 1in Bass drum X 1
-6in x 8in Tom X 1
-10in x 5in Tom X 1
-Mounting Hardware X 1
-10in x 6in Snare X 1
-Snare Drum Stand X 1
-10in Hi-Hat Cymbal Set X 1
-12in Crash Cymbal X 1
-Crash Cymbal Stand X 1
-12in x 10in Floor Tom X 1
-Bass Drum Pedal X 1

Eastar 14" Complete 3-Piece Drum Set

Type: EDS-180MSB

Color: Dark Blue / Green / Light Blue

Manual Download

Eastar 22" Complete 5-Piece Drum Set

Type: EDS-480

Color: Black / Blue

-The Eastar EDS-485B full-size 5-piece drum set comes with stands, a drum throne, and cymbals, and is perfect for beginning and intermediate drummers
-The drum shells have horizontal stripes of poplar giving them high strength, even vibration, and a loud sound.
-The EDS-485B bass drum has 8 drum lugs, giving you more control over your drum tension and drum tone
-The drum throne has a maximum load capacity of 330lbs (150kg).
-This kit comes with high-quality drum skins, selected for thickness, durability, and resonance. (The heads may arrive with wrinkles, but these wrinkles will disappear when installed on the drums.)
-The snare drum head is made of a high-grade white matte skin and makes great sounds.

Manual Download

Eastar 20" Complete 5-Piece Drum Set

Type: EDS-580

Color: Starry Blue / Starry White

Package Included:

-20" x 18" Bass drum x 1
-Mounted Tom:12" x 8" x 1
-Mounted Tom:10" x 7" x 1
-Pipe Suspension x 1
-14" x 5.5" Mounted snare x 1
-Pair of Drum Sticks X 1
-Snare drum stand x 17
-Eastar 20" Complete 5-Piece Drum Set

Manual Download

EK-10S EB1520
Eastar EK-10S 61-Keys Portable Piano

Type: EK-10S


-Product Size: 950x290x715mm

-Product Weight: 12.9kg

-Rated Voltage: External power adapter DC 12V/2000mA

-Keyboard and Display: 61 keys and the multifunctional LED

-Demo songs: 40 famous demo songs

-Automatic bass chords: Single-finger and multi-finger chords system

-Control and sound effect: Vibrato, beat, dual, split

-Play recording: Recording/playback

-External interfaces: MP3, Headphone, Audio In/Out, Mic, Pedal, USB MIDI

Manual Download

DEP-20 Fully Weighted 88 Key Portable Digital Piano

Type: DEP-20


Keyboard: Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keys
Size: 133*29.5*18.5 cm
Timbre/Rhythm: 238/200
Preset Songs (demo): 100
Weught: 25.5 lb
Package Weight: 11.6 kg
Power Adapter: 12VIDC, 3A
key Material: Plastic & ABS
Package Included: Digital Piano *1,Power adapter*1,Pedal*1,Instruction*1
Function: Dual Voice, Dual Keyboard, Fingered Chord, Fingered Chord, Sync Start, Velocity Adjustment (3 types), Metronome, DSP, Tempo Adjustment, Recording, Transpose, Keyboard Drums, MP3 Playback.

DEP-20 Manual Download: Donner dep-20 manual.pdf

DMK-25 Tutorial
Donner DMK25 tutorial about how to connect MIDI keyboard with DAWs
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