Eastar hopes to bring good instrument learning and music enjoyment to more and more people. 

If you are interested in the products in our online store, you can contact us for wholesale prices.

Email: service@eastar-music.com


Eastar whosalr's wholesale program is available for:


-Music studios

-Concerts/community events

-Offline shopping malls


Why choose us.

  • Discounted prices for bulk quantities

The larger the order quantity, the more discounts Eastar offers


  • Strength of the warehouse

As our sales cover several regions, we currently have warehouses and third-party warehouses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. We have five warehouses in the United States, for now, three on the west coast and two in the east. Among the five warehouses, the earliest one we set up is located in Los Angeles and is also the distribution center we will show you today. The other four are located respectively in Fontana, California, Azusa, California, Bordentown, New Jersey, and Hebron, Kentucky. We prefer to call it distribution centers instead of the warehouse because they not only stow every kind of our products available coming fresh out of our factory here, but all the distributions of products via express services to different areas in all the sales regions happen here. As the main distribution center in the United States, most of the orders are processed and shipped out here every day. Despite the great number of orders, we manage to make sure we can hand you your products solid, intact, and in the shortest amount of time. With all the general information provided.


  • Professional Instrument Building Team

Eastar is an excellent brand of musical instrument design and manufacturing, and when you buy from Eastar, you are buying from a company that takes quality very seriously. Eastar's component serial numbers control the consistency and high quality of the product, and the factory has two quality checks. Insistence on good products and excellent customer support.


  • Various Product Lines

Eastar's online musical instrument collection reaches more than a dozen, including pianos, drums, brass, wind, string, percussion, audio/video, musical instrument accessories, etc., as well as various specialty instruments such as banjos, xylophones, gongs, giros, tongue drums, cajon drums, bongo drums, etc. If you are not satisfied with our product line, you are welcome to submit your ideas and suggestions, and we can also purposely We can also arrange the production, manufacture and delivery of your instrument (based on the number of orders.)


Wholesale order requirements.

1#:Please understand that we do not allow other distributors to sell Eastar products on Amazon and Ebay, where we already have official stores. We welcome you to sell on other third party websites (except US/CA/JP/DE/UK/IT/FR/ES) or your own website and local stores.


2#:For orders over $5000, we will take care of most of the shipping costs, but exceptions will be made in special cases, such as when the shipping country is a remote area. We will have the right to explain this.


3#:Please email us with your shipping country, the product you are interested in and the price of your order.


4#:A part of Eastar/Donner/Moukey/products supports unisex packaging (no logo). For detailed products, please contact our customer service service department.


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