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Donner DP-100 Turntable Style and Bluetooth Speaker Supportwith Line-Output/Aux Input/Headphone Mode

DonnerSKU: EC4000
Country: USA
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Donner DP-100 Turntable Styleand Bluetooth Speaker Features:
Treble and Bass Controls and Headphone Mode
The DP-100 features outstanding sound quality andas well as tTreble and Bass Controls, which to enhance and enrich effects forqualities of different songsrecordings. You can adjust the treble and bass of the song according to your favorite to achieve the playback effect you wantto suit your personal musical tastes.

Connect a headphones withvia the 3.5 mm plug to the headphone jack. Set your hectic life aside and No more busy life. jJust eEnjoy your musicthis quiet and wonderful moment alone.
Listen to Your Favorite Music by Using Bluetooth
The DP-100 is also a Bluetooth speaker and can be connected wirelessly byto your Bluetooth devices (such as Phone, Tablet, Laptop, etcphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) , so no cords are needed.

Please make sure that the 'auto-stop switch' is set to on, and put the tonearm is back inat the arm holder.

Note: This speaker only supports Bluetooth input, and does not supports Bluetooth output.
AuxUX Audio Input & Line-Ooutput Mode
Line Out compared to RCA Out: Line Out turns off the record player speaker sound when the record player is playing on external speakers; RCA Out does not turn off the record player speaker sound.

There is an auxauxiliary input jack at the back of the turntable., Yyou can connect the external audio devices (such as a CD player) through to the aux input jack.

Connect a 3.5 mm audio cable to the line output jack at the back of the turntable, and plug the other end into your stereo receiver or active speakers(active speakers only).
Built-in Stereo Speakers
The two bBuilt-in 2*3Ww speakers, along with unique the treble and bass adjustment knobs, to provide you with high-quality stereo sound and satisfy your favorite sense of hearingthat is sure to please the ears.
Retro & Exquisite Style
The Donner DP-100 Turntable Styleand Bluetooth Speaker combines modern craftsmanship and retro color style., It is not just a great turntable, but will not only bring you musical enjoyment but also decorateimprove the decor of your bedroom, studyoffice, or living room room, etc.

It Createsing a vintage and relaxing atmosphere. It is the best perfect choice for thoseanyone who wants a turntable that looks great even when the music is notn’t playing.
Unique Design
  • The function control knobs areis designedlocated on the side of the turntable so that you can operate and play musicthem and play your music more conveniently.
  • Three3 Speeds (33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM)
  • Three Sizes of Rrecord (7'', 10'' and 12'')
  • Product Size: 12.72in x *10.3in x 2*4.7in
  • Weight: 4.85lbs LB

  • Great ideal gift for Christmas. No more busy life. Just enjoy Vinyl Journey with your family and friends.


    Ask a Question
    • Why is the sound so low while connected to an external speaker by AUX cable?

      Dear customer, 
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      The low sound may be due to the high impedance of the speakers used. It is recommended to choose a speaker with low impedance and use a Line connector with a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the speaker.
      We hope it will help you. If you have any problem with this item, please feel free to contact us. 
      Customer Service Team

    • Can the lid close while record is playing?sortByNumber1

      Yes, the lid stay propped open when you are using the record player. And you can close it after you take off the vinyl record.

    • Does this have output to wireless speakers sortByNumber

      Dear customer, it does not have Bluetooth output, but there is Bluetooth input. Please kindly know that. Thanks.

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