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Moukey 3'' Studio Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) - 2.0 Powered Stereo Speakers Active Near Field Recording-MA20-2

MoukeySKU: MK0163
Country: USA
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  • Golden combination: The combination of 3.5 inches +1 inches dual speakers is the most standard combination of monitor speakers.
  • Speaker material: Both size speakers are independently developed by Moukey Research Institute, in order to show the closest acoustic effect to a variety of sound effects.
  • Convenient adjustment: There are multiple mode switch knobs on the main control panel, which is convenient for you to switch freely when multiple audio sources are input. The back panel is also equipped with a treble and bass adjustment knob, which can be adjusted freely according to personal preferences when listening to music.
  • Multiple input: This product takes into account a variety of usage scenarios, such as home, recording studio, personal studio, computer, sound quality production, etc. Added RCA, 3.5mm AUX, 6.35mm wired connection modes respectively.(Keep away from radio frequency equipment as much as possible. Make sure the Bluetooth signal is continuous)
  • Moukey Studio 3.5" Near Field Studio Speakers
    Moukey Studio Speakers 3.5" Near Field Studio Speakers with Professional CSR Bluetooth, Including Studio Speakers Isolation Pads (Pair). Whether in the production of speakers, cabinet design, and functions, they are all come from multiple experiments. Choose the best speaker and combination plan to make. We have added the Bluetooth function, you can listen to music and entertainment outside of work; multi-input, you can freely switch in the complex working environment. MA20-2 can be used in work, home, computer, audio production, and other scenarios.

    Professional Headphone Speakers Interface
    Professional headphone Speakers interface, designed for you late at night or if you don't want to disturb others. It can be used with ordinary headphones. (The headset is not included. It is recommended to use Moukey's B07ZT8PFN6.)
    Wooden Enclosure
    The high-grade wood creates a thick cabinet so that the speakers have better performance under different sound levels.
    Unique Design
    The rear air duct design combines aerodynamic principles to better assist the performance of low frequencies.

    Outdoor Speakers Passive bookshelf speaker passive bookshelf speakers studio monitors Active bookshelf speaker
    Moukey 3-Way 4'' Passive Outdoor Speakers Pair Moukey 5'' Passive Bookshelf speaker Pair Moukey 3-way 5'' Passive bookshelf speakers Pair Moukey 3'' (pair) Studio monitors (This item)Moukey 4+2+1'' 3-Way Bluetooth 5.0 Bookshelf Speakers
    Type Passive Passive Passive Active Active
    Speaker 4'' (4+1.5+1.5'') 5'' (5+1') 5'' (5+2+1'') 3'' 4+2+1''
    Crossover Frequencyverall Frequency Response 100-20kHz 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 80-22kHz 20-20kHz
    Crossover Frequency 1 kHz 1KHz 1 kHz 1.2 KHz 1KHz
    LF / HF driver HF Drive:1.5'Treble MF Drive:1.5' Mid LF Drive:4' Bass F Driver:1”Treble /LF Driver:5” bass HF Drive:1'Treble MF Drive:2' Mid LF Drive:5' Bass HF Driver:1” Silk Dome /LF Driver:3” Woven HF Drive:1'Treble -- MF Drive:2' Mid -- LF Drive:4' Bass
    Dimensions 226.5x144.7x174.5 mm 165X 210 X 280mm 168*196*270 mm 136 X 150 X 205mm 169x156x251 mm
    Weight 2.4KG(Pair) 5.95KG(Pair) 5.8KG(Pair) 3.9KG(Pair) 5.5KG (Pair)
    POWER RMS(W) MAX 50*2 MAX 50*2 MAX 55*2 20*2 25*2

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