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Moukey M20-1 50 Watts Peak Power Bookshelf Audio Speakers

MoukeySKU: MK0143
Country: USA
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  • Premium Sound Quality: Moukey bookshelf speakers feature 1 inch treble unit (1) and 5 inch bass unit (1), so they are able to produce clear treble at higher frequencies and powerful bass at lower frequencies. And the built-in crossover in the speakers will split up audio signals and send them to drivers designed for specific frequency ranges to improve your listening experience.
  • Superior Home Theater Enjoyment: Moukey passive bookshelf speakers are Compatible with most home theater receivers, stereos and home theater processors, giving you plenty of setup arrangement options. Use these bookshelf speakers as front, left-right setup, surrounds, as rear speakers, also with 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 systems or an immersive 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 setup.
  • Wall-mountable Design: We provide an independent hook on the back side of each speaker. You can easily hang them on the wall if you like and have more space on your table.
  • Handcrafted wooden boxes: The bookshelf speakers use hand-made wooden boxes with structure accurate to 1 cm to achieve better sound quality.
  • Suggested Use: A power amplifier is needed to match with these passive speakers( We recommend Moukey Bluetooth Power Amplifier System). Please don’t exceed the maximum input power (50W for each speaker) and impedance ( 6 ohms for each speaker).

  • Moukey M20-1 bookshelf speakers are versatile, bringing incredible listening experience in a classic design. Inspired by Moukey's typical instant speaker series we redesign them for audio enthusiasts. Featuring a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, a 5-inch powerful low-frequency unit, and an adjustable front-end bass port, these speakers can provide higher treble, open midrange, and surprising bass response. Apart from the handcrafted wooden box, its intelligent crossover helps handle audio signals and eliminate low noise and interference from inferior audio equipment. The M20-1 Bookshelf Speakers are designed to produce a wider range of dispersed sound, no matter where they are placed. You can even use them as front or rear speakers in your home audio settings. Their five-way binding posts provide a range of safe options of wiring. Whether you are on the sofa or in your room, M20-1 bookshelf speakers are competent to provide you with a good experience.

    Please refer to the diagram of placement for better usage experience of M20-1. According to our tests, here is the best placement.

    The rear panel of M20-1 can be hanged up, which is convenient for you to hang speakers in required positions. (Because of different usage scenarios, please bring your own screws and tools, and ask qualified person to install.)

    M20-1 can build a simple karaoke system with a microphone and a power amplifier (Both are not included. You can go to Moukey Store to purchase or consult our staff.) Then you will get more family entertainment.

    Outdoor Speakers Passive bookshelf speaker passive bookshelf speakers studio monitors Active bookshelf speaker
    Moukey 3-Way 4'' Passive Outdoor Speakers Pair Moukey 5'' Passive Bookshelf speaker Pair Moukey 3-way 5'' Passive bookshelf speakers Pair Moukey 3'' (pair) Studio monitors (This item)Moukey 4+2+1'' 3-Way Bluetooth 5.0 Bookshelf Speakers
    Type Passive Passive Passive Active Active
    Speaker 4'' (4+1.5+1.5'') 5'' (5+1') 5'' (5+2+1'') 3'' 4+2+1''
    Crossover Frequencyverall Frequency Response 100-20kHz 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 80-22kHz 20-20kHz
    Crossover Frequency 1 kHz 1KHz 1 kHz 1.2 KHz 1KHz
    LF / HF driver HF Drive:1.5'Treble MF Drive:1.5' Mid LF Drive:4' Bass F Driver:1”Treble /LF Driver:5” bass HF Drive:1'Treble MF Drive:2' Mid LF Drive:5' Bass HF Driver:1” Silk Dome /LF Driver:3” Woven HF Drive:1'Treble -- MF Drive:2' Mid -- LF Drive:4' Bass
    Dimensions 226.5x144.7x174.5 mm 165X 210 X 280mm 168*196*270 mm 136 X 150 X 205mm 169x156x251 mm
    Weight 2.4KG(Pair) 5.95KG(Pair) 5.8KG(Pair) 3.9KG(Pair) 5.5KG (Pair)
    POWER RMS(W) MAX 50*2 MAX 50*2 MAX 55*2 20*2 25*2

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