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Moukey M20-3 Peak power 55 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

MoukeySKU: MK0169
Country: Canada
Sale price$89.99 FREE SHIPPING
Stock:In stock, 32 units
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New Experience for Audio

We took inspiration from Moukey's instant classic monitor series speakers and redesigned the speakers for today's audiophiles. Equipped with 5+2+1 speakers of different sizes to interpret different sound frequencies, you can now observe higher treble, open midrange and surprising bass response. Hand-made high-quality wooden box, through the smart crossover, you can feel in the original auditory way, can skillfully process the audio and eliminate the inherent low noise and squeaking interference of inferior audio equipment (under the audio equipment) .
Moukey M20-3 Bookshelf Speakers Pair
The M20-3 Bookshelf Speaker is designed to produce a wide range of dispersed sound, which is very simple and clear no matter where it is placed. You can even use them as front or rear speakers in your home audio settings. Their five-way binding posts provide a range of safe wiring options. In addition, they can also be used with most home theater receivers, stereos or home theater processors. Whether you are on the sofa for a while or listening to music, the performance of the M20-3 has been adjusted to enhance the experience. This is true. The quality sound matches the value, it couldn't be better!
Tips for best placement
To enjoy the music trip better with M20-3 bookshelf speakers, please take this speaker placement diagram as a reference. After several position tests, the effect of this placement is the most ideal. Of course, you can place it freely according to your hobbies.
The rear panel of M20-3 can be hanged, which is convenient for customers to hang the speaker in the required position. (Because of the different use environment, please bring your own screws and tools and ask qualified personnel to hang and install)
How to build a simple karaoke system with M20-3
M20-3 passive bookshelf speakers works with a microphone and a power amplifier, that is, you can build a simple karaoke system. So that you can have one more entertainment item at home party. (amplifier and microphones are not included)
passive bookshelf speakers Passive bookshelf speaker Outdoor Speakers studio monitors Active bookshelf speaker
Moukey 3-way 5'' Passive bookshelf speakers Pair Moukey 2-way 5'' Passive Bookshelf speaker Pair Moukey 3-Way 4'' Passive Outdoor Speakers Pair Moukey 2-way 3'' Studio monitors Pair Moukey 3-way 4+2+1'' Bluetooth 5.0 Bookshelf Speakers Pair
Item Properties Passive Passive Passive Active Active
Speaker Design 3-way 2-way 3-way 2-way 3-way
Speaker size 5'' (5+2+1'') 5'' (5+1') 4'' (4+1.5+1.5'') 3'' (3+1'') 4' ( 4+2+1'')
Overall Frequency Response 20-20kHz 20-20kHz 100-20kHz 80-22kHz 20-20kHz
Crossover Frequency 1 kHz 1 kHz 1 kHz 1.2 kHz 1 kHz
LF / MF / HF driver HF Drive:1'Treble; MF Drive:2' Mid; LF Drive:5' Bass. HF Drive:1'Treble; LF Drive:5' Bass HF Drive:1.5'Treble MF Drive:1.5' Mid LF Drive:4' Bass HF Drive:1.5'Treble; MF Drive:1.5' Mid; LF Drive:4' Bass. HF Drive:1'Treble; MF Drive:2' Mid; LF Drive:4' Bass.
POWER RMS(W) MAX 55*2 MAX 50*2 MAX 50*2 20*2 25*2
Dimensions 6.61x7.71x10.63 inch 6.49x8.26x11 inch 8.91x5.69x6.87 inch 5.35x5.90x8.07 inch 6.65x6.14x9.88 inch

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