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Moukey Studio Headphones - Dj Headphones, Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets Wired Over Ear Headphones with 1/4 to 3.5mm for Home Amplifiers, Dj Equipment Electronic Instruments

MoukeySKU: MK0100
Country: USA
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Moukey Dj stereo monitor headphones are designed for people who like music.
The moving coil is made of new technology imported from Japan. HI-FI stereo can bring you different sensory stimuli, and also provides professional DJ mixing. Comfortable earmuffs will bring you extraordinary comfort even if worn for a long time. A 9.8-foot DJ-style cable with a 2-in-1 gold-plated plug and a 3PIN to 4PIN cable with a microphone make it easy to connect headphones to Tablets, iPod, iPhone, Android, and many other audio devices. Use a 6.35mm adapter to connect electronic instruments such as home amplifiers, DJ equipment, electronic pianos, and electronic drums.
Choose Moukey and we will give you the perfect experience.
Top Music Feast
Many users pay attention to whether the headphone driver is 40mm or 50mm, in fact, this has no direct relationship with the sound quality. Our company uses the new technology imported from Japan to make the core of the headset, which is to update the old technology with the revolution, so that consumers can enjoy the real HIFI experience.
Audio sharing technology
Sharing is the happiest performance. Therefore, our company adopts new audio sharing technology to make electronic audio products emit wonderful music, and then transmit them to the earphones of other wearers through the audio cable. Come and feel with your friends.
Comfortable stereo earmuffs
The design of the front half is thin and the rear half is thick. The surface is made of soft and comfortable leather material, and the internal is a low-rebound memory foam material with moderate hardness, which can more easily fit the head structure.
Unexpected surprise
For some customers, our company uses mobile phones to connect headsets (the conversion cable for connecting to mobile phones is not included). We have specially made an additional audio cable with a microphone control function to give you.
Dedicated to you
From the bottom of my heart, we carefully designed to meet every need of DJ. With our headphones, you can immediately control the audience.
Users of electronic musical instruments
This headphone will bring you a unique feeling, let you feel the pleasant feeling of each key of the electronic piano; let you feel the impact of each click on the electronic drum.
Professional user
The word HIFI is often heard, a basic term used by professional customers to judge the quality of headphones. Customers who want to use professional audio equipment, please give us advice after purchase, whether it can meet your basic requirements.

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