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Moukey Wireless Microphone Headset, Uhf Headset Mic System, LED Display, 160ft Range,Headset Mic & Handheld Mic 2 in 1

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Moukey UHF Wireless Head Microphone
Moukey's new 2020 UHF wireless microphone headset system MwmHU-1 combines advanced wireless audio technology, receiver extension technology and ultra-long range products. The high-definition vocal core allows you to perform at a high level in different situations. The high-definition LED display allows you to check the signal frequency and power of the transmitter at any time, and you can flexibly control it when using it. The receiver's extended capabilities allow you to use multiple devices simultaneously when needed. It has a range of 164 feet and 50 meters and is not limited by wires and areas. MwmHU-1 is definitely your first choice for wireless microphones.
What if I can't pair, the RF light is off, or no sound is heard?
1. Turn off the receiver and microphone
2. Turn on the microphone, the blue light is on, long press " Frequency conversion key", the screen displays "-----"
3. Turn on the receiver (black box) and wait for the connection
4. The frequency of the microphone screen is displayed normally, the RF lamp of the receiver lights up, and the connection is successful.
NOTE: This microphone receiver is our unique design, there is a buckle inside to ensure the receiver works well and a small part is left outside for the convenience of the receiver to change its position. This unique design maybe looks a little loose but it's normal phenomenon.
Multiple Charging Methods
The attached USB power cord can be directly connected to the computer, plug and socket, power bank, etc. supplying power to the receiver.
Expandable Receiver
Many power amplifiers or active speakers have limited microphone interfaces, so our company created an expandable receiver. You can purchase multiple sets of our products, and use a microphone interface to achieve multi-person singing.
Freedom of Movement
Real UHF wireless microphone, anti-jamming, sound quality reaches first-class state. With an ultra-long range of 164/50 meters, you can get rid of the shackles of wire and have true freedom of movement.

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